About METRONext

METRONext Goals

METRO’s Board of Directors, led by Chair Carrin Patman, is developing a new plan for transit services in the Houston/Harris County region. It will be a forward-looking plan focused on providing more transportation choices to more people.

Graphic of METRONEXT Goals

The Guiding Principles of METRONext:

  • Safety - Approximately 4.6 million people call the Houston region home. With so many residents on the move, maintaining your safety is METRO's number one priority.
  • Equity - We will be inclusive, fair and open-minded throughout the planning and implementation phases of the program to ensure all users have the best transit experience.
  • Accessibility - We strive to make your transit experience easy and accessible.
  • Stewardship - We are developing a plan that will benefit everyone - even those who do not typically use METRO's services - and we promise to implement this vision with the utmost regard for the trust of the taxpayer's vision and funds.

The Goals of METRONext:

  • Improve Mobility – We want to identify and develop transit improvements that increase speed and reliability.  
  • Enhance Connectivity – We want to connect you to jobs, education, health care and other destinations by having a transit system that connects people seamlessly from their starting and final destination using METRO's comprehensive infrastructure.
  • Support Vibrant Communities - Whether you currently use public transportation or not, a seamless and diverse transit system enhances our overall quality of life by providing mobility options, spurring economic development and improving the environment.
  • Ensure a Return on Investment – Implementing smart and sustainable transit solutions for our evolving region will preserve our desired way of life, ensuring the highest return in the future for our investment today.

To Achieve These Goals, METRO Will:

  • Develop transit improvements that increase speed and reliability to get you where you want to go
  • Improve access by transit to jobs, education, medical and other services
  • Build on the investments that METRO has already made in transit services including the implementation of the New Bus Network and the expansion of the light rail system
  • Improve connections to and from METRO Rail stations, bus stops and other transit facilities
  • Work with local agencies to improve accessibility to transit stops

Development of METRONext is underway. METRO invites you to join in developing a plan for a transit system that best serves the Houston area's residents, businesses and visitors.

Share your vision. We’re listening.